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Floor Standing Racks

RTE provides top of the line server rack cabinets for any data center environment, large or small.  Offering sizes compatible with 19" rack mount equipment from all computer manufactures including; DELL, Compaq, HP, IBM, etc. We provide a feature-rich enclosure for housing telecommunication equipment, computer hardware, LAN equipment and other electronic equipment. The computer armoires' modular design accommodates initial installation and future additions in today's progressive network environment. We provide the fit, the quality and the service you deserve - on time.


We have a variety of different communication racks with different gauges of thickness to different sizes in depth and width. RTE’s branded racks are typically made with cold rolled steel with gauge size from 16 to 22 for various parts of the cabinets or racks. Our elegant design provides ease to network administrators for easy installations and maintenance of IT equipment later.


Our TELMAN branded racks are China, Europe and Pakistan based and available in market at very economical prices by maintaining the quality. For further details about the product, please download our brochure.




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