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Data Centers & DR Sites

All data centers have similar needs, regardless of the enterprise size and scope. Rehmat Taj Enterprises understands that you require secure, uninterrupted availability and high-quality performance of computing, storage, networking and communications resources, while meeting the following criteria:

  • Uncompromised Performance
  • Dynamic Density
  • Optimal Manageability

To meet these needs, RTE offers various designed structured cabling systems that provide the durability to ensure superior networking performance, reliability and availability, the stability to outlast two to three generations of active equipment; innovative, high-density technologies that make the most of your real estate; and component features that allow for highly-flexible, highly-manageable systems. For this purpose we prefer following vendors:

  • 3M Data Center Products
  • Avaya/Systimax Data Center Products
  • CLIPSAL Data Center Products
  • CORNING Data Center Products
  • MOLEX Premise Network Products
  • PANDUIT Data Center Solutions
  • TELMAN Managements Products


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