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Wireless Hotspot and ISP Setups

Delays installing and provisioning new wireline-based equipment and circuits can be a significant barrier to keeping and winning new customers while the demand for Internet access simply increases. The development of high performance, robust and scalable wireless networking enables the delivery of wireless Ethernet services delivered by local exchange carriers, inter-exchange carriers, utility-based service providers and independent operating companies.
Wireless LAN services is currently the most value added or extended service of existing LAN service. RTE was among the pioneers in Pakistan to offer an affordable turnkey Wireless Hotspot service, allowing everyday people to become their own ISP and profit from selling Wireless Internet within their complex (Hotel, Cafe etc). RTE provides the technical support and backend management allowing you to focus on your core business.

Suited to business owners who wish to offer wireless broadband internet access within Cafés, Hotels, Motels, Airports, Conference Centers, Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centres and Marinas.


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